Welcome to The Edinburgh Greek Festival

UraniaYears ago the Greek Festival was like a message in a bottle reaching us from a country about which we had ideas but few details. Now Greece is the crucible in which notions of the future of Europe, and of us all, are being tested to destruction. Greeks now feel like very near neighbours – noisy now and again, a bit daft, very entertaining and with stories to tell. 

This festival has the Greece we all know and the Greece behind it. We have a small town dealing with the Colonel’s dictatorship as an incidental inconvenience, an island whose history would break your heart and open your understanding, a Quixotic, reluctant, panoramic Odyssey and a cameo of Greek family life as it would be if a child took charge.

Despite recent events, Greece has neither calmed down nor exploded. Greece continues. And makes films we are delighted to be able to show to Scotland. 

Special thanks to James McKenzie and Giorgos Mikrogiannakis  

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