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Edinburgh Greek Film Festival

In Greece there is often a Crisis. But when there is, there are the Greeks, resisting. The latest Crisis has reached the answering-back stage and has begun to take its place in a long history. This year’s films show what Silone called ‘the seed beneath the snow’ beginning to appear. Greeks are good at this. They invented Democracy but spent a good part of their history under dictatorships. They invented Theatre and still have to put up with Mamma Mia. And there they are – still standing.

We have Greek resistance all the way from Medea to the women political prisioners of the 40’s and 50’s and the complicated reactions now being worked out by all kinds of people for whom life has changed utterly. Greeks are, as they say, taking back control, but for them this means taking control of themselves, renewing and reinventing their culture. There are sad moments in these films and great courage - human accounts of a great culture in flux.

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