Welcome to The Edinburgh Greek Festival




Our festival always has, we hope, interesting and involving films. This year we have suprising films as well. We have Short Fuse, a daft non-stop action caper by two young directors turning a genre upside down to see what happens. What we hope will happen is that hilarity will break out, sending you all towards A Family Affair and its hyper-Cretan music before we all settle down to some dramatic catharsis in Suntan, the private life of a Greek island and its mixed-up men, Chevalier, the latest teaser from Attenberg’s director, the heartbreaking story of Salonica’s Jews in Cloudy Sunday (Ouzeri Tsitsanis) and OXI: An Act of Resistance, a rumination on the Greek Mind in crisis. We will have visiting directors. It will be interesting, involving. And surprising.

Special thanks to James McKenzie and Giorgos Mikrogiannakis  

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